Before the first shovel hits the dirt, walk in the shoes of your audience.


Corporations, midsize businesses, schools, municipalities, manufacturing, and even churches continue to invest significant dollars into their physical facilities often allocating this line item as one of their largest capital investments. Unfortunately, the ability to visualize these environments as an extension of their brand continues to evade most and is constantly overlooked, unplanned, and undercapitalized until it's too late.


Emanate encourages owners and stakeholders to explore the possibility of how these branded environments can become a greater engagement experience as primary touchpoints in an overall brand story. More importantly, to incorporate this thinking as a critical part of a pre-planning and strategy process.


By using brand alignment strategies and developing user personas we incorporate a more personalized audience-centered experience that can influence or be influenced by other components of your overall marketing strategy.

We challenge you to environmentally expand your brand.


Strategy, design and production

A balance of planning, creative and execution delivered on schedule, budget and beyond expectation.


Why emanate and what do we bring to the table?


There are three main functions we serve throughout the life of the project: Strategy and Planning, Concept and Design, and Production Management. Each has its own set of requirements and standards that should address an overall comprehensive program. We also represent a singular point of contact to address multiple conversations needed at each phase of the project on behalf of your brand from a design perspective.

Areas of collaboration and interaction.


Services and capabilities.

By service

  • Design Strategy

  • Naming, Branding and Identity

  • Wayfinding (signage systems)

  • Placemaking and Branded Environments

  • Exhibit and Interpretive Design

  • Print and Packaging 


  • Corporate/Manufacturing

  • Retail

  • Education

  • Churches

  • Tradeshow

  • Exhibit