Why emanate?


The real questions is why Emanate and what do they bring to the table. There are three main functions we serve throughout the life of the project: Strategy and Planning, Concept and Design, and Production Management. Each has its own set of requirements and standards that should address an overall comprehensive program. We also represent a singular point of contact to address multiple conversations needed at each phase of the project on behalf of your brand from a design perspective.

Areas of collaboration and interaction.


Over twenty five years of design and branding.


Bill Donohue

Bill is a strategic marketing creative with over 20 years experience in branding, advertising and integrating traditional and digital communication campaigns for start-ups to fortune 500 companies. From identifying new channel messaging to product development, branding and launch, demographic quantitative and qualitative focus groups, employee engagement programs to integrated marketing programs, his passion lies in the creative implementation associated with brand building and customer experience.

Prior to starting Emanate, Bill led the marketing and rebranding efforts at Duke Brands celebrating their 100 year anniversary. Bill was the founding partner of Fuel, Digital Marketing, and Branding having started the company in 1995 and led creative as Chief Creative Officer for the last 20 years successfully implementing award-winning brand stewardship and marketing guidance for local and regional luxury brands, real estate, manufacturing, and consumer goods companies.

As a hands-on designer with a degree from Ringling School of Art, Bill values the traditional training in typography, color, and composition as it relates to his passion in the architectural and multi-dimensional space he now calls home.